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Best Safety Practices When Resuming Dental Lab During COVID19

Dental laboratory owners are asking what steps needs to be taken to resume operations and prepare the workplace for protection against COVID-19. Dental labs that were already complying with OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standard should be practicing Standard Precautions for the protection against infectious agents, however, COVID-19 creates unique risks of exposure. Learn more in this video on Best Safety Practices When Resuming Your Dental Lab Operations.


This pre-recorded webinar course addresses how to mitigate the risks associated with COVID-19, how to assess the specific related hazards, and provide recommendations for dental laboratory owners to consider as they develop policies and procedures necessary to protect their employees and customers. At the end of this video are need-to-know questions and answers. CE credit provided: one NBC Regulatory Standard credit / one CE Broker - FL Board of Dentistry and Office of Dental Laboratories General credit.

Employers must assess the risks associated with COVID-19 exposure and then develop written policies and procedures specific to health and safety in the dental laboratory to avoid and reduce risks related to potential further business disruptions.  Employees must be informed of these policies, therefore, a training session should be conducted and documented.  It will then be up to the business owner and management to monitor closely the compliance with these safe practices.  OSHA provides a Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 that can be extremely helpful to you.  In this Guidance OSHA informs employers to focus on implementation of engineering, administrative, and work practice controls and use of personal protective equipment.  OSHA also advises employers to prepare an infectious disease preparedness and response plan to help guide protective actions against COVID-19.  If you already have this type of response program, you should add protection against COVID-19. Contact SafeLink for assistance with your COVID-19 Safety Management Program including templates and consulting with assistance in writing specific related policies. 

Get a list of Safety Actions When Resuming Your Dental Lab Operations during COVID-19 

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COVID-19 Safety & Infection Control Guidance for the Dental Lab


Proper Removal of PPE for Infection Control

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