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Virginia Issues Temporary Emergency Standard for Employers

On July 15, 2020 the Virginia Safety and Health Codes Board adopted 16VAC25-220, Emergency Temporary Standard Infectious Disease Prevention: SARS-CoV2 Virus That Causes COVID-19. The effective date was July 27, 2020. The standard will expire within.

Guidance for Dental Settings CDC & OSHA Updates on COVID-19

As the pandemic continues and the authorities learn more about COVID-19, the recommendations are changing. The following will provide information that has been issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health.

COVID-19 Infectious Disease Preparedness

How do you really know if you have a proper infectious disease preparedness plan for your dental practice or dental laboratory?

Your written program is an important factor in the success of your action plan. Having canned material that is not.

Employee Exposures to COVID-19 - Notification to Employer

If your business is back in operation, you are probably dealing with situations involving employees’ exposure to COVID-19 or confirmed COVID-19. There seem to be extenuating circumstances with these situations that make it difficult for employers to.

Protecting Patients & Staff When Resuming Your Dental Practice

As various mandates and recommendations related to dentistry are being lifted, dentists are beginning to question what steps need to be taken to resume operations and how to ensure a safe workplace for their employees as well as their patients. While.

Best Safety Practices When Resuming Dental Lab During COVID19

Dental laboratory owners are asking what steps needs to be taken to resume operations and prepare the workplace for protection against COVID-19. Dental labs that were already complying with OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standard should be practicing.

COVID-19 Safety & Infection Control Guidance for Dental Practices

Dental practices must ensure that their infection control procedures and policies are working to protect their workers. Here you'll find some helpful Q&A from SafeLink Consulting's Webinar: Long Term Impact of COVID-19 on Infection Control in the.

Infectious Disease Preparedness & Response Plan for Dental Workplace

As time goes on and we all look back on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our businesses and our personal lives, we will realize the importance of infectious disease preparedness and response planning.  This pandemic has made business owners.

COVID-19 Safety & Infection Control Guidance for Dental Labs

Dental laboratories must ensure that their infection control procedures and policies are working to protect their workers. Here you'll find some helpful Q&A from the NADL and SafeLink Consulting Webinar : COVID-19 Safety and Infection Protection.

Managing Risks of Coronavirus COVID19 in Dental Practice Setting

The pandemic of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has created real challenges and uncertainties for businesses around the world.  Needless to say, all of us at SafeLink Consulting have been responding to questions from our dentistry clients on.