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What Role Does Your Quality System Play in this COVID-19 World?

The answer is “A very important one”. Some are referring to this stage of our business lives in having to deal with...

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Emergency Temporary Standards for Worker Protection from COVID-19

The Biden Administration has taken the first step with new OSHA leadership to issue updated COVID-19 guidance for...

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Qualifying Alternate Vendors - Why It Is So Important!

There have certainly been some tough lessons learned from the current pandemic. For a lot of businessesprimary ...

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Employers must post OSHA injury illness summary by February 1st

Each year, from February 1st through April 30th, employers who meet the OSHA requirement must post their Summary of...

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Recording COVID-19 Cases on OSHA Log


In a recent National News Release, OSHA revealed the current most frequently cited standards related to COVID-19...

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Dental Lab Coronavirus Infection Control Small Changes=Big Difference

Managing safety during COVID-19 has been challenging for all employers. When dental labs began resuming business...

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Is Your Dental Lab Doing Business in Canada or Considering It?



U. S. and Canadian medical device requirements for dental laboratories are not the same. Whether your dental lab...

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FDA Registration Renewal for 2021

For those establishments that are registered with FDA it is time for your 2021 FDA registration renewal.

The renewal...

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CAUTION! Using Bleach as a Disinfectant

SARS-CoV-2 has created many shortages and that includes disinfectants. What do you do when you’re unable to...

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