Dental practice virtual assessment

Get an Expert

Protect Your Workers, Patients & Liability

Does your health & safety program meet OSHA requirements & CDC Guidelines?

Having an expert assist you in conducting a thorough Safety Assessment for Dentistry is vital to determining your lab or practice's risk position and prevention needs in regard to patient and worker health & safety during today's challenges.

Don't make yourself or your business vulnerable! Managing health and safety for your employees, patients and visitors on your own comes with risks. It's now more important than ever to have an effective health & safety plan including COVID-19 infectious disease preparedness for your business.

Is your health & safety program communicated properly to your staff?

Properly communicating your Health & Safety Plan to your workers is an important factor in meeting training requirements for OSHA compliance. 

There’s no better time than now to properly train your work family by an expert familiar with health and safety for dentistry including COVID-19 infection control. A virtual safety training for the lab or practice is a contactless approach for the your team to recognize and protect workers from the most common safety & health hazards in their work environment. 

SafeLink Consulting is ready to help your business with safety compliance for general industry. Schedule a meeting with Sandy to get started. 

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