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Emergency Temporary Standards for Worker Protection from COVID-19

The Biden Administration has taken the first step with new OSHA leadership to issue updated COVID-19 guidance for...

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Recording COVID-19 Cases on OSHA Log


In a recent National News Release, OSHA revealed the current most frequently cited standards related to COVID-19...

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CAUTION! Using Bleach as a Disinfectant

SARS-CoV-2 has created many shortages and that includes disinfectants. What do you do when you’re unable to...

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Reporting COVID-19 Cases to OSHA:  Clearing up the Confusion

When it comes to COVID-19, what defines an "incident" and when does the clock start ticking for reporting?


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How Has COVID-19 Affected FDA & OSHA Regulations?



Learn how the COVID-19 Pandemic may affect FDA & OSHA regulations for your business in this FREE live webinar...

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Implementing Changes to Your Return to Work Policy


As the experts learn more about COVID-19, the CDC continues to update their guidance.  On August 10, 2020 the CDC...

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COVID-19 Infection Control in Dentistry Small Changes = Big Difference

Managing safety during COVID-19 has been challenging for all employers.  When dental practices began resuming...

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Respiratory Protection – It’s Not A One and Done


The Respiratory Protection Program is in place, the fit testing has been completed and documented, BUT what about...

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Is this the Flu or COVID-19?


With many symptoms of COVID-19 mirroring those of Influenza (flu), the magnitude of the 2020-2021 flu season will...

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