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Long-Term Impact of COVID-19 on Infection Control in Dental Practices

Mary Bartlett
Posted by Mary Bartlett on Apr 17, 2020 3:00:43 PM

The pandemic of COVID-19 has created real challenges and uncertainties for dental practices.  Some practices are continuing to provide essential and emergency services and others are waiting to re-open their practices.  One thing for sure is that at some point during this pandemic, dental practices have had to ensure that their infection control procedures and policies are working to protect their workers and their patients. Learn more about managing your COVID-19 Safety Program.

So what will be the long term impact of COVID-19 on infection control? Take this online course, Impact of COVID-19 on Infection Control in the Dental Practice to learn more about how you can apply the latest CDC, OSHA, and FDA policies relating to the COVID-19 safety concerns to your practice now and in the future. Those dental practices that are remaining open must consider not only the regulatory side of protecting workers, but also the practical side of how to deal with the current PPE shortages.  If your work week has been shortened or your dental practice is temporarily closing, then learn more in the recorded webinar about equipment and other items including ProEdge waterline info that should be considered when they are not in use or what needs to be done to bring them back into use. Informative Q&A is included at the end of the recorded webinar. Once we get through this current situation there will be a new normalcy that will exist. Infection Control will remain in the forefront. Get help in developing your Risk Mitigation Policy, writing your safety compliance program, or training  your staff on patient and worker safety including CDC / OSHA / HIPAA / EPA guidelines and requirements. 

Safety Actions When Resuming Your Dental Practice 

Managing COVID-19 Infection Control for your Dental Practice


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Long Term Impact of COVID-19 on Infection Control in the Dental Practice

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