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Learn to Lead 2023 Course Series

Mary Bartlett
Posted by Mary Bartlett on Jan 12, 2023 8:28:09 PM

If one of your goals is growing your dental practice and one of the skills you are struggling with is getting your team on board, then we've got the perfect opportunity for you. The Learn to Lead series is created especially for you because being a dentist is difficult enough without layering on the other hats you have to wear. You know, those little things like running a business and leading a team. Learn how to articulate your aspirations and expectations and get your team to commit to them so your practice reaches your 2023 growth goals!

In this Learn to Lead 3-part series, the presenter, Ricki Braswell, will walk you through three fundamentals of successfully leading your team. Ricki provides solutions to one of the most common challenges she hears from her dentist clients, which is team members who aren’t helping to support the practice growing. By the completion of this series, she will help you identify, articulate and strengthen your leadership skills so that you can build a culture to support your practice’s growth goals. Register for course series.

Episode 1: Setting Expectations
Feel like you’re speaking a different language sometimes? Discover the 5 keys to aligning your expectations with your team.

Episode 2: Creating Commitment
How 5 questions can help your team commit to your goals and their role in creating success for the practice.

Episode 3: Closing the Gap
Think you communicate effectively? This self-assessment will pin-point any gaps and help you close them so that your practice is set up to succeed.

Course Presenter: Ricki Braswell
Ricki spent over 20 years serving as an executive for nonprofit dental organizations, both on the clinical and laboratory side. Most recently she was the CEO for The Pankey Institute. Ricki has been successful in turning around organizations which struggled with sustainability in changing markets. She has turned lagging organizations into thriving organizations and developed teams who demonstrated a commitment and culture which bolstered the organizations. Her strengths lie in the areas of strategic thinking, financial management, creativity, building teams, developing culture and honing leadership skills. Formerly as a CEO and now as a coach, she helps others identify, articulate and strengthen leadership skills so that they can build a culture to support their practice’s growth goals. Ricki partners with dentists to identify what’s really important and to hone the behaviors and thinking which support achieving their goals for themselves and their practices. She is committed to continual learning and growth. Ricki holds internationally recognized certifications in both non-profit management and coaching. 

Register for Course

SafeLink Consulting is the sponsor of this webinar course. The last episode in the course series provides Q&A opportunity. The series is best suited for dentists and requires no prior level of skill, knowledge, or experience.  Fee is $125 for the series of 3 episodes and payable upon registration. Space is limited. The broadcast series will be recorded and available for viewing by registrants until March 10, 2023.

Download handout or learn more here to learn more about this course, registration, the presenter, and AGD continuing education credit.

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