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Safety Assessment


  • ONSITE Safety Risk Assessment - This is the method SafeLink recommends as it is the best way to assess your practice as it provides greater visibility of workers in action. Travel expenses may be incurred for the visit.
  • VIRTUAL Safety Risk Assessment -This is an economical method of assessing your facility via smartphone or tablet, but requires additional assistance by your safety coordinator.

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Don't want to wait for someone to contact you? You can reach us directly at 770.205.6745 ext. 106 or 1.800.330.6003.  Schedule a phone meeting with Business Development

“I have been using SafeLink Consulting’s safety and privacy services since I purchased my practice. My major concern initially was about any safety liability I might be inheriting.  The initial risk assessment helped me identify the areas where I needed to focus efforts to ensure a safe environment for my patients and my staff.  The relationship that I’ve developed with SafeLink has been invaluable and they are an ongoing part of my staff safety training and program maintenance.  They are professional, knowledgeable about dentistry, and provide a quick response to my safety and HIPAA needs.” Dr. Sajid

Add a Safety Training

This employee training is tailored to meet your lab's needs for OSHA compliance, CDC guidelines and Infection Control.

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Note, an Onsite Safety Training is recommended to be scheduled on the same date as the Safety Assessment. A Virtual Safety Training is recommended to be scheduled on a different date as the Safety Assessment.  Schedule Safety Training.

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