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Using Your Dental Lab Quality System to Reduce Remakes

Gary Morgan, CDT, ASQ CQA
Posted by Gary Morgan, CDT, ASQ CQA on Apr 19, 2017 3:16:19 PM

Making your customer happy is the goal of the dental lab.

Customer complaints and remakes, both internal and external, are the nemesis to making the customer happy. Implementing FDA’s lab quality system and good manufacturing practices is a great method to reduce customer complaints and remakes. Documenting complaints and remakes and then taking the proper corrective actions to limit their negative impact, the dental lab can improve customer satisfaction, enhancing productivity and profitability.

SafeLink’s FDA consultants can help you understand techniques to capture data, analyze that data and then determine actions necessary to make positive improvements to your processes. You will learn how to use assets that may exist in your lab management software to make this process easy and effective.

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Using Your Lab Quality System to Reduce External and Internal Remake

Course Description: The effectiveness of your lab Quality System can be measured in many ways, but the primary factor is how you reduce customer complaints. Documenting them is required, however, how you follow through with corrective action is the determining factor for reducing the cost of remakes. There are national average remake numbers available through various sources, but if you use those numbers as a comparison of your remakes how do you know you’re comparing apples to apples? This webinar will take you through methods that will provide you with a true picture of how to handle customer complaints, and how to use CAPA, as well as cover the Medical Device Reporting Requirements for documenting complaints against Class II devices.  This quality systems lab course is presented by one of SafeLink's dental consultants, Gary Morgan, CDT, ASQ, CQA. Get CE credit too!

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How to Stay on Top of FDA Dental Regulations


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