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Workers Are At Risk Without Enforcement of Safety Compliance Program


Ever wonder why OSHA is really necessary? Take a look at these examples of employees being placed at risk.

On my recent visit to China I was able to capture some examples of why there needs to be regulatory oversight. The workers in the picture above are working on bamboo scaffolding located outside the third floor of a building without proper fall protection.  They were wearing safety harnesses, but not tying them off as they should, probably because it restricts their movement.

Take a look at the picture below.  Notice the scaffolding on upper right side of this 200+ story, bullet-shaped, building.  Workers could not be seen from this angle or distance when photographing, but hopefully they had some kind of proper fall protection.

Bullet Building+scaffolding

Employees may not always think of safety first and may put themselves at risk just to get the job done.  If employees do that in the U.S. then it’s the employer's risk and liability.  As employers we must ensure that employees do the right thing. Even though an employer may put into place safety requirements, they must continue to enforce them with employees who may want to circumvent them for expediency in performing the task. This places the employee at risk of injury and it places the business at risk when it does not enforce safety rules and an injury occurs.

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