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OSHA Compliance 2023 - Expect an Inspection!

Kellie Thimmes, BS, DISIPC
Posted by Kellie Thimmes, BS, DISIPC on May 10, 2023 10:27:29 AM

With a 17% increase in budget and a 19% increase in OSHA inspectors, also known as compliance safety and health officers, it is safe to expect a significant increase in OSHA inspections in 2023 and beyond. 


What has changed?

In 2022 OSHA conducted a total of 67,773 inspections, in which 36% were planned. From January 1st to February 9th of this year, OSHA has already conducted over 7,000 inspections and the momentum is not slowing down. With additional employees and a bigger budget, OSHA's goal is to stop employers from repeatedly exposing workers to life-threatening hazards or failing to comply with workplace safety and health requirements. OSHA inspections can be initiated in several ways. They may be scheduled as part of a routine inspection program, in response to a complaint filed by an employee, or as a result of a serious accident, injury or fatality in the workplace. Everyone has a right to a safe work environment. Assuring compliance with OSHA standards can prevent workplace illness, injury, and even death. 

Are you prepared?

Being prepared is essential to the well-being of your employees and your business. At all times, you and your team should be prepared for an OSHA inspection. To ensure that every employee knows what to do, consider implementing a written procedure for OSHA inspections. All staff, especially support staff, need to know what to say to an OSHA compliance officer should they drop by as they usually don't give advance notice. Education and preparation are critical for the everyday safety requirements of OSHA and for the requirements of your facility. Written safety policies and procedures take out the guesswork, leaving behind legacy errors that can invade any workplace. Policies and procedures are designed to protect you, your team, and your business. 

Learn more about the General Duty clause.

Is the increase related to COVID-19?

There has been an increase in inspections in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, that is not the only reason for the uptick. The number of OSHA inspections conducted each year can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as changes in the economy, shifts in government priorities, and changes in the political landscape. Employers need to be aware of their responsibilities under OSHA regulations and take steps to ensure that their workplaces are safe and healthy for their employees. This includes providing appropriate training and personal protective equipment (PPE), maintaining equipment and machinery, and addressing any hazards or unsafe conditions that are identified. COVID-19 is a recognized hazard and so employers must do all they can to protect their employees from this virus. 

Higher Cost of Living = Higher OSHA Civil Penalties

Are you prioritizing workplace safety?

While no one can predict the future, it is important for employers to be aware of the role of OSHA and the potential for increased inspections and enforcement activities in the coming years. By prioritizing workplace safety and taking steps to comply with regulations, employers can help to ensure the well-being of their employees and avoid potential penalties and legal issues.

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How Workplace Safety Training Can Save Your Business Time & Money

Don't know where to start? 

Implementing a safety program that covers every regulation can feel overwhelming. You probably didn't get into business to know the ins and outs of every regulatory body, but we did, and we are here to help. It doesn't matter if you are just getting started or if you have been in business for years. We can customize a program to meet the needs of your facility, large or small. Schedule a meeting today! 

Top 3 Most Cited OSHA Standards in Dentistry


Learn more about what SafeLink Consulting can do to help your business with regulatory compliance issues and services, including safety compliance, to meet OSHA training requirements and quality system consulting to meet FDA compliance.  SafeLink Consulting assists businesses with workplace safety training, infection control training, HIPAA training online, quality systems, assessments, audits, due diligence, and more.

Industries include:

Dentistry compliance - assisting the dental practice with meeting requirements for OSHA, HIPAA, EPA, and CDC guidelines, patient safety and employee health & safety.

Dental Laboratory compliance - assisting the dental lab with meeting requirements for OSHA, FDA, and CDC guidelines, employee health & safety, plus FDA requirements for lab manufacturing custom implant abutment /gmp for medical device manufacturers.

Medical Device Manufacturers compliance - assisting with meeting OSHA compliance & FDA requirements, GMP - good manufacturing practices.

General Industry compliance - assisting with OSHA compliance and FDA compliance as it pertains to the specific business.

Beverage Industry compliance - assisting beverage businesses such as the craft brewery, winery, cidery, distillery, vintner with meeting OSHA compliance, health & safety, FDA requirements / GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices.

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