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Does the OSHA ETS Published June 2021 Apply to Your  Dental Practice or Lab?

Gary Morgan, CDT, ASQ CQA
Posted by Gary Morgan, CDT, ASQ CQA on Jul 1, 2021 2:23:05 PM

Since CDC's Guidance was issued on May 28, 2021 and OSHA's Emergency Temporary Standard for healthcare became effective on June 21, 2021, SafeLink Consulting has received questions from businesses who are not clear how to apply these guidelines to their business.  In this video below, learn about some issues to consider when trying to make this determination yet continue to protect workers from COVID-19.



Learn more about OSHA's COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard.  Direct from OSHA on June 11, 2021: “While the nation is turning a corner in the pandemic, COVID-19 still threatens the health of many workers. This week OSHA issued an emergency temporary standard to protect healthcare workers, who face elevated exposure risks, and announced new guidance for other industries.”

How to Prepare a Hazard Assessment for OSHA's Temporary Standard. OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) that went into effect on June 21, 2021 states that “Employers must conduct a hazard assessment of their workplace and those with more than 10 employees must develop and implement a written plan for how they will mitigate COVID-19 in accordance with the ETS."

Our goal at SafeLink Consulting is to help our clients meet the standards set out by OSHA and also state OSHA plans. We are available to provide businesses with assistance in the development of the programs that are required for compliance and the safety of their employees. If you need assistance, please contact SafeLink Consulting.

Learn more about how to achieve Dental OSHA Compliance for your dental practice.

Learn more about how to achieve OSHA Compliance for your dental laboratory

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